Lily Kuo

Beijing, China

China bureau chief

Education: The London School of Economics; Peking University; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Lily Kuo is The Washington Post's China bureau chief. She previously served as the Beijing bureau chief for the Guardian. Before that she reported for Quartz in Kenya, Hong Kong and New York, and for Reuters in New York and Washington.
Latest from Lily Kuo

Prominent Chinese journalist faces espionage charges, family says

Dong Yuyu, a former Harvard University journalism fellow, was detained in February, in the latest sign of how boundaries are being redrawn in Xi Jinping’s China.

April 24, 2023

In China, embattled TikTok chief seen as hero defying bullying U.S.

Chinese companies planning to invest in the United States are also expressing worry that they might face similar treatment as Shou Zi Chew.

March 24, 2023

By embracing Putin, Xi defies the U.S. and exploits a global divide

Xi Jinping needs Russia in China's competition with the United States, but also wants to present himself as a champion of the Global South.

March 22, 2023

Xi and Putin showcase alliance but offer no path to peace in Ukraine

On the second day of a state visit, the leaders-for-life emphasized economic ties, which have grown far stronger since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

March 21, 2023

China portrays Xi’s Russia trip as bid for leadership of non-Western world

Chinese media was awash with coverage of the visit as evidence of China’s mettle when it comes to standing up to Washington and offering a model to the rest of the world.

March 21, 2023

Xi and Putin hold talks in Russia, trading compliments, amid war in Ukraine

With war raging in Ukraine, Chinese leader Xi Jinping landed in Russia for a three-day state visit that Russian officials have billed as the most important diplomatic event of 2023.

March 20, 2023

Xi and Putin end initial meeting in Moscow, affirm ties amid Ukraine war

Chinese leader Xi Jinping's visit, billed by Beijing as a peace mission, is playing out as a show of solidarity with an increasingly isolated Vladimir Putin.

March 21, 2023

China’s Xi to meet Putin in Russia next week

It's the strongest show of Beijing’s support for Moscow since the war in Ukraine began.

March 17, 2023

With Russia visit, Xi pursues effort to upend U.S.-led global order

Buoyed after cementing his power in China and facilitating a deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Xi Jinping is set to visit Russia — and further tweak the U.S.

March 16, 2023

China’s Xi promises to build ‘great wall of steel’ in rivalry with West

Closing a meeting where he secured another term as Communist Party leader, Xi Jinping said “the Chinese nation’s great revival is on an irreversible path."

March 13, 2023