Biden’s South Korea state dinner menu features fusion — and ice cream

The menu for Wednesday's state dinner reflects the flavors of South Korea and the American South.

By Emily HeilApril 24, 2023

Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News after Dominion lawsuit disclosures

Tucker Carlson had been the most-watched prime-time host on Fox News and a powerful force within the network.

By Jeremy Barr and Sarah EllisonApril 24, 2023

Adams Morgan’s beloved Amsterdam Falafelshop is closing for good

Amsterdam Falafelshop founders Scott and Arianne Bennett taught Washingtonians that there was a better way to snack after late-night partying.

By Tim CarmanApril 24, 2023

CNN fires longtime host and anchor Don Lemon

Lemon, a longtime host for CNN, was chastised recently for on-air comments about the "prime" age of presidential candidate Nikki Haley and other women.

By Paul Farhi and Elahe IzadiApril 24, 2023

Tucker Carlson, a terrible individual, leaves Fox News

It seems that Fox News was fine with Carlson’s vicious attacks — as long as they were directed elsewhere.

By Erik WempleApril 24, 2023

Matthew Perry says changes are coming to his memoir after Keanu Reeves comments

Actor Matthew Perry said at an event over the weekend that future editions of his memoir will remove a specific section about Keanu Reeves.

By Herb ScribnerApril 24, 2023

With devastating quips, Dame Edna foretold a vacuous era of fame

Barry Humphries has died, but the legendarily narcissistic character he created, Dame Edna, has a permanency all her own.

By Louis BayardApril 24, 2023

What key players at Fox News said about the network and its viewers

The Fox News lawsuit has given the public a rare look inside the powerful media company — including what top figures thought of their own network and its viewers.

By Sarah Ellison, Dan Rosenzweig-Ziff and Shelly TanApril 24, 2023

5 radish recipes that put their versatility on display

There's a wide world of radishes. Here are recipes that feature them in soups, salads and more.

By Aaron HutchersonApril 24, 2023

What Tucker Carlson said about Trump in private texts vs. on Fox News

The host called the president “a demonic force, a destroyer” in personal communications.

By Derek Hawkins, Sarah Ellison and Blair GuildApril 24, 2023

Fox was resigned to a tough trial. Then, a secret mediator stepped in.

A settlement in the Dominion-Fox case seemed unlikely -- until it wasn't

By Sarah Ellison, Josh Dawsey and Rosalind S. HeldermanApril 24, 2023

A guide to neutral oils for cooking and baking

Neutral oils are versatile pantry staples ideal for many types of cooking and baking.

By Becky KrystalApril 24, 2023

She adopted a 40-pound cat, and now they’re on a weight loss journey together

Kay Ford, who adopted the oversized feline last week from a shelter in Richmond, plans to lose 20 pounds alongside her cat

By Sydney PageApril 24, 2023

Ask Amy: I caught my roommates snooping in my locked room

Letter writer caught roommates snooping in their room on security camera.

By Amy DickinsonApril 24, 2023

Miss Manners: ‘I don’t understand people who complain about getting old’

A letter writer’s son died at 25. They can’t stand to hear people complaining about aging.

By Judith Martin, Nicholas Martin and Jacobina MartinApril 24, 2023

Carolyn Hax: The steep price of avoiding a breakup at all costs

After more than a year of living together, a couple is drifting apart — but this letter-writer doesn’t want to be single again.

By Carolyn HaxApril 24, 2023

This clam toast is a shortcut to the classic New Haven pizza

If you can't get to Connecticut soon, this 10-minute French bread pizza recipe will give you a taste of a regional favorite.

By Ali SlagleApril 23, 2023

We all gossip. And that’s not always a bad thing.

I’ve learned that there are ways to engage with it in a constructive and helpful way.

By Dabin HanApril 23, 2023

A look under the hoodie: Inside Sen. John Fetterman’s first week back

The Pennsylvania Democrat returned to the Hill after being hospitalized for weeks for depression. First big decision: Suit or hooded sweatshirt?

By Kara VoghtApril 23, 2023