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Four or five quarterbacks are likely to be chosen in the NFL Draft's first round Thursday. The Jets continue to try to complete their trade for Aaron Rodgers.
No matter his size, Bryce Young isn’t a big risk. He’s a big, franchise-altering deal for the Carolina Panthers.
The two rounds of layoffs will primarily involve management, not on-air talent. Once those layoffs have been executed, the company will begin scrutinizing on-air contracts, according to two people with knowledge of the plans.
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Player comparisons are an embedded part of scouting reports in the NFL, but they can be misleading, especially when it comes to quarterbacks.
Those who don’t have velocity in college need it. Those who have plus velocity want more.
The local sports TV model is in upheaval, threatening the financial foundations of MLB, the NHL and the NBA.
BLACK OUTThe NFL’s failure to promote Black coaches