Thadani comes to The Post after six years at the San Francisco Chronicle.
Afghan authorities have barred George, The Post's Afghanistan and Pakistan bureau chief, from reporting inside the country.
Sarah Ellison named national enterprise reporter focused on the intersection of democracy, politics and media.
Letitia James, Lauren Underwood, Monique Rodriguez And Tarana Burke Among Headliners for Three Days Of Conversations About Gender And Racial Equity In Tech, Justice And Economic Mobility May 18-20
These guidelines can be used by anyone, including those outside of The Post. They include an accessibility checklist, testing strategies and considerations to make when creating online content.
The program will feature bilingual discussions with Mexico’s foreign secretary and the governor of Yucatán about the country’s climate policies and plans for a clean energy economy.
Program is named in honor of the late Fred Hiatt, who led the section for more than 20 years.
Lamothe has been honored with this year’s Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Major Megan McClung Award for his superlative accountability reporting examining the U.S. military’s evacuation of Afghanistan.
Kim comes to The Post from the Hill, where she was a video producer and editor creating political explainer videos.
A product of Help Desk, The Post’s personal technology destination, reporter Tatum Hunter will chronicle the role that technology is playing in the rise of loneliness across America, and guide readers through potential solutions to combat it.