Iran gained access to election results website in 2020, military reveals

U.S. officials disrupted the attack before the votes were tallied.

By Joseph MennApril 24, 2023

Apple prevails in antitrust battle over the future of the App Store

The appeals affirmed that the Fortnite maker failed to prove that Apple’s policies constituted anticompetitive conduct afoul of federal antitrust laws.

By Cat ZakrzewskiApril 24, 2023

Big Tech trying to ‘weaponize’ U.S. trade talks, Democrats warn

The missive reflects mounting concern that industry giants are trying to preempt regulatory threats.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 24, 2023

Twitter removes labels from state-controlled media, helping propaganda

The move came the same week that Russia and China were revealed to have been operating armies of fake social media profiles to sway U.S. debate.

By Joseph MennApril 21, 2023

Twitter’s blue check purge claims top political figures, risking impostors

Dozens of public officials are no longer verified, a review found.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 21, 2023

Oversight board urges Meta to keep covid-19 rules in place, for now

But they are urging the company to revisit its list of restricted claims.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 20, 2023

They were investigating a mass kidnapping. Then their iPhones were hacked.

The attacks struck phones with iOS15 and early versions of iOS16 operating software.

By Joseph MennApril 19, 2023

Big Tech critics looking for their next House antitrust champion

They want a like-minded successor to Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.).

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 19, 2023

FTC funding push faces GOP head winds

Republicans are voicing concern about giving Chair Khan more money.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 18, 2023

TikTok, Biden-connected firm split after influencer fly-in campaign

SKDK is no longer working with the tech giant, per a person familiar with the matter.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 17, 2023

AI experts urge E.U. to tighten the reins on tools like ChatGPT

Common-use AI tools should not be exempt from the bloc's proposal, they argue.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 13, 2023

Google antitrust cases at a crossroads as giant seeks early knockout

Colorado's attorney general and Google preview their arguments against and for dismissal.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 12, 2023

Biden administration is trying to figure out how to audit AI

As an AI arms race heats up in Silicon Valley, the Commerce Department is considering how to develop an auditing process to ensure the tech is trustworthy.

By Cat ZakrzewskiApril 11, 2023

Another Israeli spy app has been sold to 10 countries, researchers say

Citizen Lab and Microsoft report the hacking tool QuaDream has been used against politicians and journalists, but they did not identify the victims.

By Joseph MennApril 11, 2023

Former FTC advisors urge swift action to counteract ‘AI hype’

A new report puts concerns about the dominance of the tech giants front and center.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 11, 2023

Supporters of Indian separatists using Twitter bots to promote violence

Backers of the Khalistani movement are using multiple networks of linked accounts to blast out videos and calls for action simultaneously, before Twitter’s reduced safety staff can respond.

By Joseph MennApril 10, 2023

Washington vows to tackle AI, as tech titans and critics descend

After years of grappling with the threat of social media, lawmakers are anxiously eying a recent boom in artificial intelligence.

By Cat ZakrzewskiApril 8, 2023

Twitter’s labeling of NPR a boon for foreign propagandists, critics say

Elon Musk's change puts the independent outlet in line with RT and Sputnik.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 6, 2023

He pushed to curb Section 230 in Congress. He says his fight’s not over.

Tom Malinowski is taking his social media efforts to the McCain Institute.

By Cristiano Lima and David DiMolfettaApril 5, 2023

Jacinda Ardern quits politics, joins Prince William’s environment charity

New Zealand’s ex-leader, after a final speech to Parliament, will work with the prince’s Earthshot Prize, as well as the Christchurch Call to fight online extremism.

By Rachel PannettApril 5, 2023