San Francisco is a postcard from a driverless car future. Here’s what it’s like.

In San Francisco, hundreds of self-driving cars are filling the streets, confusing and angering some residents while impressing bicyclists and tourists.

By Heather KellyApril 24, 2023

You can get better sleep with wearables. Just focus on the right data.

Popular body-worn gadgets such as smartwatches and rings have features to help you understand your sleep. Here's our closer look at the data they provide and how much of it is actually helpful.

By Chris VelazcoApril 20, 2023

Tech companies don’t deserve your loyalty. Become a free agent.

You're better off if you have the freedom to ditch your iPhone or Windows PC. Here are steps you can take to give yourself tech independence.

By Shira OvideApril 18, 2023

Hacking your TV remote and 8 other tech tricks we love

Washington Post staff and readers recommend the technologies they love, including an app to settle name debates and closed captioning in live videos.

By Shira OvideApril 14, 2023

The AI bot has picked an answer for you. Here’s how often it’s bad.

The Post tested the reliability of Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot by asking it 47 tough questions and then evaluating its sources.

By Geoffrey A. Fowler and Jeremy B. MerrillApril 13, 2023

Technology’s role in the ‘loneliness epidemic’

The Washington Post asked people of all ages to share their experiences with loneliness and the role technology has played. Are tech companies helping the lonely or taking advantage of them? Join us as we tell their stories.

By Tatum HunterApril 11, 2023

They left social media for good. Are they happier?

Meet the social media unpluggers and why they decided to quit.

By Tatum HunterApril 11, 2023

Six simple technologies that quietly make life better

Tech doesn't need to be fancy to make your life better.

By Shira OvideApril 7, 2023

Your phone may now have tools for making your calls sound less lousy

Let's face it -- regular phone calls don't always sound great. To help, Apple and Google have built new software features to make us sound more clear mid-chat.

By Chris VelazcoApril 6, 2023

Life after Twitter? Here are alternatives for anyone looking to leave

The best alternatives to Twitter for people who don't want to stay on the Elon Musk-owned site.

By Heather KellyApril 5, 2023

We all should worry about the Dish and Sling TV cyberattack

A cyberattack on Dish Networks froze accounts and may have stolen customers' personal information. How does this keep happening?

By Shira OvideApril 4, 2023

How to choose the best weather app

How to choose the best weather app for daily forecasts and extreme conditions.

By Dan Stillman and Heather KellyApril 4, 2023

We tested a new ChatGPT-detector for teachers. It flagged an innocent student.

Five high school students helped our tech columnist test a ChatGPT detector coming from Turnitin to 2.1 million teachers. It missed enough to get someone in trouble.

By Geoffrey A. FowlerApril 3, 2023

How to spot the Trump and Pope AI fakes

Here are five clues to spot AI-generated images and why we shouldn't freak out about them.

By Shira OvideMarch 31, 2023

TikTok is addictive for many girls, especially those with depression

A new study of social media platforms deepens our picture of the struggles faced by teen girls.

By Donna St. GeorgeMarch 30, 2023

AI doesn’t belong everywhere. Stop using a hammer to make lasagna.

Just because you can apply AI to a task, it doesn't mean that you should.

By Shira OvideMarch 28, 2023

Americans deserve a better message than ‘Trust us, TikTok is bad.’

The risk of TikTok is real but mostly hypothetical. It's time for U.S. officials to make a detailed public pitch for why a ban is in our best interests.

By Shira OvideMarch 24, 2023

Buying coffee with your phone is easy. Paying for the subway is a pain.

A schoolteacher in New York should be able to pay for his subway commute with his phone. Here is why Charles Stewart — and maybe you, too — cannot.

By Shira OvideMarch 21, 2023

Facebook’s new $12 fee is straight out of Don Corleone’s playbook

Big Tech’s new business model is making you pay for security and basic customer service. That’s called a protection racket when mobsters do it.

By Geoffrey A. FowlerMarch 17, 2023

What you should do about TikTok’s potential sale or ban

Maybe for real this time, the U.S. might force a sale (or potentially a ban) of TikTok in America. Here's what this means for you.

By Shira OvideMarch 17, 2023