Prominent Chinese journalist faces espionage charges, family says

Dong Yuyu, a former Harvard University journalism fellow, was detained in February, in the latest sign of how boundaries are being redrawn in Xi Jinping’s China.

By Lily KuoApril 24, 2023

DeSantis meets with Japanese leader on first stop of international trip

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis met with Japan's prime minister, as the likely GOP presidential contender swings through four of the biggest U.S. allies.

By Michelle Ye Hee LeeApril 24, 2023

Ukraine, China main focus as South Korean president visits White House

In an interview ahead of his trip to Washington, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol spoke about his career, life and his country’s alliance with the U.S., which marks 70 years this year.

By Michelle Ye Hee LeeApril 24, 2023

Indian police arrest Sikh separatist after month-long hunt

The chase for Amritpal Singh had led to a heavy police crackdown, invoking memories of an intense 1980s insurgency in Punjab.

By Karishma MehrotraApril 23, 2023
The Washington Post

Afghanistan has become a terrorism staging ground again, leak reveals

THE DISCORD LEAKS | A classified Pentagon assessment portrays the Islamic State threat arising from Afghanistan as a growing security concern.

By Dan Lamothe and Joby WarrickApril 22, 2023

In the Philippines, a nation swallowed by plastic waste

Driven by poverty, plastic waste has become out of control in the island nation known for its "sachet economy."

By Jintak HanApril 22, 2023

After Dominion deal, Murdoch drops case against Australian publisher

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch has dropped a defamation case against Crikey, avoiding a public rehashing Down Under of the Dominion Voting Systems case.

By Michael E. MillerApril 21, 2023

K-pop star Moonbin, member of boy band Astro, dies at age 25

Moonbin, who began his career as a child actor, was found at his home in Seoul’s Gangnam district. There were no signs of foul play, police told Korean media.

By Andrew JeongApril 20, 2023

South Korea’s gay couples fight for recognition, one law at a time

A court ruling allowing a man to add his male partner to his health insurance plan offers hope that change is possible in socially conservative South Korea.

By Min Joo KimApril 20, 2023

Mistaken address shootings echo killing of Japanese teen 30 years ago

The shootings of Ralph Yarl and Kaylin Gillis are similar to the 1992 shooting death of Yoshihiro Hattori, which prompted international anger.

By Adam TaylorApril 20, 2023

29 dead in hospital fire in China; arrests follow tragedy

The blaze at Beijing's Changfeng Hospital left people tying bedsheets together as makeshift ropes to escape. News of the fire was heavily censored, angering residents.

By Victoria Bisset, Lyric Li and Theodora YuApril 19, 2023

A contest encouraged children to hunt feral cats — until the backlash

The idea of enlisting children armed with air rifles in an effort to kill feral cats in New Zealand set off alarm bells among animal rights groups.

By Rachel PannettApril 19, 2023

Brazil’s Lula reaches out to China and Russia, stoking U.S. unease

Away from the West, the “nonaligned” world is finding its voice.

By Ishaan TharoorApril 19, 2023
The Washington Post

China readies supersonic spy drone unit, leaked document says

China’s cutting-edge drone could give it a surveillance advantage during a possible military confrontation over Taiwan.

By Christian Shepherd, Vic Chiang, Pei-Lin Wu and Ellen NakashimaApril 18, 2023

G-7 stresses unity on China following unease over Macron’s comments

Foreign ministers put on a unified front after French President Emmanuel Macron suggested Europe should avoid getting dragged into a confrontation over Taiwan.

By John HudsonApril 18, 2023

Killing of jailed lawmaker on live TV puts spotlight on India’s extrajudicial violence

Assassins posing as journalists killed Atiq Ahmed, 60, a mobster-turned-lawmaker, and his brother Ashraf Ahmed as they answered questions on live TV.

By Sammy WestfallApril 17, 2023

U.S. alleges secret Chinese police post in NYC, online tracking of dissidents

“Harry” Lu Jianwang, 61, of the Bronx, and Chen Jinping, 59, of Manhattan, were arrested Monday morning in New York.

By Perry Stein and Joseph MennApril 17, 2023

Bangladesh to pay off Russian nuclear plant loan in Chinese currency

It is the latest instance of a country bypassing the U.S. dollar and using the Chinese currency to conduct international payments.

By Anant Gupta and Azad MajumderApril 17, 2023

China willing to work with Russia to maintain global security, defense minister says

The latest display of camaraderie will only intensify international concern that China is ready to provide lethal aid for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

By Christian ShepherdApril 16, 2023

India sees signs of renewed Sikh separatism and sounds the alarm

Security concerns have recently spiked as police have hunted the self-described separatist Amritpal Singh.

By Karishma MehrotraApril 16, 2023