Sarah Ellison

New York

Reporter covering media and its intersection with politics and technology

Education: University of Virginia, B.A. in American Studies, with a minor in French literature

Sarah Ellison is a staff writer based in New York for The Washington Post. Previously, she wrote for Vanity Fair, the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, where she started as a news assistant in Paris.
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Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News after Dominion lawsuit disclosures

Tucker Carlson had been the most-watched prime-time host on Fox News and a powerful force within the network.

April 24, 2023

    What key players at Fox News said about the network and its viewers

    The Fox News lawsuit has given the public a rare look inside the powerful media company — including what top figures thought of their own network and its viewers.

    April 24, 2023

      What Tucker Carlson said about Trump in private texts vs. on Fox News

      The host called the president “a demonic force, a destroyer” in personal communications.

      April 24, 2023

      Fox was resigned to a tough trial. Then, a secret mediator stepped in.

      A settlement in the Dominion-Fox case seemed unlikely -- until it wasn't

      April 24, 2023

      Dominion v. Fox trial delayed for settlement talks, people familiar with the matter say

      The much-anticipated trial was delayed to allow both parties to hold conversations about the possibility of a settlement, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation.

      April 17, 2023

      The Dominion vs. Fox defamation case is finally going to trial

      Big questions loom in the $1.6 billion trial centered on false election fraud claims Fox aired about a voting technology company.

      April 16, 2023

      Go inside the Dominion v. Fox courtroom with our daily newsletter

      Get daily recaps of Dominion v. Fox News defamation trial in this newsletter from The Washington Post.

      April 14, 2023

      Judge undercuts key Fox News defense as he sends Dominion suit to trial

      In a $1.6 billion defamation case, a ‘disastrous’ ruling for Fox News that settles key questions in Dominion Voting Systems' favor.

      March 31, 2023

      Rupert Murdoch settles a lot of lawsuits. Why not Dominion v. Fox News?

      Dominion and Fox News met but could not agree on $1.6 billion defamation case from bogus 2020 election fraud claims. Experts say a settlement is still possible.

      March 29, 2023

      Fox staffer’s claims of sexism, coached testimony jolt defamation case

      Abby Grossberg alleges that she faced discrimination at Fox News and that she was coached to mislead in her Dominion defamation case deposition.

      March 21, 2023